T H Findings Ltd has been a supplier of components (Findings) to the jewellery,
giftware and allied trades for over 60 Years. The late Thomas Harris founded the company after the 2nd World War, originally as a manufacturer of costume jewellery for the wholesale trade. 

In the late sixties and seventies there was a greater interest in gemology. People
started to cut their own stones and Mr. Harris, who was selling his costume jewellery with glass and semi-precious stones, found a great demand for his jewellery designs without the set stones. Manufacturers of stones, ceramics, enamels and other materials as well as the Lapidary Shops in the UK and abroad bought his mounts in large quantities.

A catalogue was later produced and sent out to the Lapidary trade, which was well received.  Soon after a large range of base metal findings, manufactured by other Birmingham manufacturers, was introduced.  Eventually, gold and silver findings were added to the range.

In 1975 Mr. Harris designed a complete range of sterling silver mounts, brooches,
pendants and rings to compliment his base metal mounts.

Later that year Mr. Harris very sadly passed away, which was when Mr. Hermesmeier took over the business.  Mr. Hermesmeier had previously been employed Jewellery in London and had been looking to run his own business, then took over.
The name was changed from Thomas Harris (Birmingham) Ltd.  to T.H. Findings Ltd and in 1986 moved into its present premises, 42 Hylton Street, in the heart of the Birmingham Jewelley Quarter.

The company invested in a new computer system and a new catalogue was introduced.

In 1994 T. H. Findings opened a new trade counter on the ground floor of 42 Hylton Street, and began to import beads. With the decline of the Birmingham manufacturing industry it became more necessary to import more lines.

Today T. H. Findings imports lines from all over the world.  Around 95% of orders are supplied from stock the same day. The company keeps over 5000 lines in stock and new lines are added frequently, and yet some of the brooch mounts are  the same that Thomas Harris showed to his customers when he visited them in Scotland and Ireland during the 1950’s.